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Hello. My name is Kate…the creator of STEMBOTANY, and I want to share my story with you.

I always had much younger-looking skin than most of the girls my age. For instance, whenever I went to Las Vegas, I had to get carded with a wristband that proved I was over 21…Yes, even though I was in my 40s! Of course, I had been taking care of my skin much more than most of the girls my age because of my business nature (Natural essential oil business) and I always worked with skincare companies such as Shiseido and Casmara of Spain. Because of that matter, my skin was always looking healthy and young. I seriously thought I would never get old.

But that all changed out of the blue…when my doctor told me that I had a giant internal cyst.  The doctor was concerned that it could be cancer. We quickly found an OB/GYN with a cancer specialty to perform the operation and I was scared to death. The operation was a success and it turned out to be a benign cyst, but I suffered for a long time to recover. But 1 year later I was readmitted to the hospital for another big surgery.

By the time I fully recovered…I didn't look young anymore. I started to have so much gray hair that I started to dye my hair too frequently... And my skin looked dull and sagging. At that point I didn't do anything for my hair or skin, thinking that my youthful appearance would return soon. But just one year later…my doctors found another rapidly-growing cyst. Of course, I had another surgery, and as a result, went through menopause. Now my hair was covered with full of gray hair, my skin was dull and lifeless…my face was sweating so much from menopause which made the pores on my face became very noticeable. 

I also spent a lot of time working in the garden during my recuperation and it gave me sun damages with age spots and made me look very old. I was devastated and had to do something about it. I changed my diet, but that just wasn't enough. I looked everywhere to find very expensive skincare products that were organic and contained no alcohol, silicone, fragrance, petroleum-derived preservatives, chemical additives, and all the other bad stuff. Especially the Silicone and Fragrance, because nowadays the manufacturers hide all the toxicants such as Parabens, Benzenes in the fragrance to save the cost on the preservatives. US law is protecting companies with trade secret law when it comes to fragrance ingredients. And, of course, I also wanted Peptides and Stem Cell ingredients to bring youthfulness back to my skin. It was nearly impossible to find any skincare products that met all my requirements. Every time I thought I found some promising product, there was always something in the ingredients list that I did not want for my skin at all! 

I really wanted to make the perfect skincare product for myself because I coudn't use the skin care products I used to use any longer. My skin needed some magic posion. You know the stories like stage 4 cancer patient who only had a few months to live, and as a last hope, he/she started a 100% natural healing treatment. As a result, a miracle happened and they get cured completely? That kind of natural healing treatment was what I needed for my skin then. Of course, you will not find any skin care products perfectly made for that reason. So, regardless of the cost, I decided to make the perfect products with every ingredient that I approved. But in order to develop that perfect one, every lab that I contacted required a 10 thousand-piece minimum of each product. On top of that, I had to find a really smart scientist who could help me formulate a blend with all these ingredients and my needs. Luckily, I found an amazing scientist and CEO of the skincare lab that currently develops products for very high-end skincare lines for major skincare salons. It wasn't easy to work with him though. I couldn’t get meetings with him soon enough, so I just waited in the lobby for days hoping I can somehow run into him to discuss my formulations. This man was just that busy, and not interested, at the time, to manufacture such small quantities. 

I studied day and night about all the different ingredients and compounds, their characteristics, melting points, compatibility, reactivity, and synergies. In the end, he was very impressed with my effort and knowledge and was willing to help me develop the products of my dream. I knew it wasn’t going to be an easy road, but I decided to go on the journey because I believed that there were many other people who were desperately searching for the same thing as I did. In fact, I have many customers sent me thank you letters about how they are amazed by my products. Like myself, those people were also looking for the perfect skincare products with all the good things and none of the toxicants.

My next project was to create the perfect hair products. Suffering a long period of constant exposure to hair dyes, my hair looked dull, lifeless, dry, and very brittle.  I was also suffering from severe hair loss. Every time I used a conditioner, I was literally shedding as if I was going through a Chemo. But if I didn’t use the conditioner, my hair felt so rough and I couldn't even brush it. To get rid of the frizz, I used a flat iron, but of course, that just caused major high-temp heat damage.  It was a vicious cycle.

After many months of research and many sleepless nights, I finally formulated some amazing hair products with no petroleum-derived preservatives, additives, alcohol, color, or synthetic fragrance. Best of all, it was made with 100% Organic Aloe vera juice instead of water. I used essential oils for some pleasant botanical scent and benefits. I did use a slight amount of silicone to the hair conditioner, in order to protect my hair from the heat tools. There has been a significant decrease (at least 80%) in my hair, and no longer falling out. Moreover, my hair now has a beautiful glass shine even with the use of hair color. Truly Amazing for me.

I sincerely wish you can reap benefits from my skincare and hair-care products and love the results that they bring you. I continuously endeavor to develop new products with only natural ingredients, EGF, Peptides and Stem Cells.

Please if you are women and concerned for your health please DO NOT use any products with following toxic ingredients atleast:

For your skin:

FRAGRANCE- As I mentioned above, this is a big loophole in the skin care industry. Since everyone is looking for natural ingredients nowadays, it is hard for the manufacturers to use PARABENs, Benzene, Phenol, Formedehyde, Pthalates (All nasty major carcinogens) are hidden in the skin care products in the name of "FRAGRANCE" just because they can save the cost on the preservatives.

PHENOXYETHANOL-The most popular preservative that is being used on everything. Since PARABENS are discouraged from being used, this became popular in the industry. PHENOXYETHANOL is created by adding Phenol and Ethylene Oxide, a well knonw breast cancer carcinogen. 

For your hair:

SILICONES-If hair loss is your main concern, please make sure you don't use shampoo with silicones such as Dimethicone, Cyclopentasiloxane, Cyclohexasiloxane,..etc. Since shampoo can touch your scalp unlike the conditioners, this can go into your scalp pores and accumulate inside, preventing the next hair growth cycle " Anagen" to happen (This means  you will never have hair regrow in that spot).

Plant Extracts or juice that are NOT ORGANIC-If shampoo contains so many lists of plant extracts just to appeal to you they are made with all the natural goodies, please avoid them. If the product doesn't say its organic atleast by 70% or more, the product is most likely loaded with full of pesticides. You will end up shedding hair really badly in a long term. Also, when you raise your arms to shampoo hair, the foamy water will drip along your arms and goes right into lymph nods under your arms...No wonder so many women are suffering from breast cancer these days.

There are too many critically toxic ingredients that I want to tell you, but this letter can be too long. So I mentioned atleast the most simple ones that you can easily watch out.

Hope this information helps many women. I really do.

Thank you for reading my story.


Best Regards,




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