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Hair loss treatment for men? Here is your answer to your hair loss problem or thinning hair.

Hair loss treatment for men? Here is your answer to your hair loss problem or thinning hair.

Published by STEMBOTANY on May 19th 2020

We have received an inquiry about the hair loss shampoo the customer ordered. We thought we wanted to share this with you, since this applies to many men or women who share the same concerns.

Dear customer,

Thank you very much for your order and the inquiry. The PEPTASTEM¯ shampoo is strongly recommended 

for women and men who have the hair loss problems or concerns with the brittle and frizzy hair. For men, the 

hair loss is very common and it is coming from the heredity, environmental stress, and the 

petro-chemical preservatives in the shampoo people use.

If you can NOT use the petro-chemical preservatives (derived from gasolin), your fine hair and hair loss 

problem can be solved at least by 50%. The problem is you won't find any shampoos without 

"Phenoxyethanol, Propylene glycol, or Methylisothiazolinone, or Parabens. You will always find at least 

one of the 4 preservatives above in the personal care products, especially shampoos.

That is because to make a big bottle product like shampoos or conditioners, manufacturers need to use the 

cheapest ingredients (the above 4) possible to save on the cost. Otherwise it won't be profitable to market at 

all. However, these preservatives get absorbed into the root of the hair follicles and make them very weak as 

you use the product every day. Eventually, weaken hairs fall out just by even touching them.

If you have been looking for shampoo without the harsh chemical preservatives, you have finally found one.  We do not use any of those preservatives on any of our products including skincare products. We only use the natural preservatives extracted from salt or corns. They are about 10 to 20 times pricier preservatives, but  they do not make hair fall out or make the skin surface very sensitive and weak.

Moreover, we make the shampoo with Aloe Vera juice and seaweed extract instead of water. This condensed 

juice naturally makes the hair scalp pores close very tight, which eventually makes the healthy scalp holds the

 hair strongly(This also closes the skin pores). Not to mention all the goodies such as Stem Cell cultures and 

Peptides in the product make the skin and scalp healthier as you use them every day. By the time you are 

done with 1 bottle, you will forget that you even had any hair problems.

Since you are man, you do not need the conditioner, so if you would like We can send 2 

shampoos instead of 1 shampoo and 1 conditioner ordered.

Please let us know before we fulfill your order.

Hope my explanation answered your questions.



Hair loss problem in women, is it common? 

These days, the hair loss in women is not a surprising issue anymore. Women in eary 40's face the hair loss

due  to the environmental stress, aging, and of course because of the shampoos they use. This is a 

biggest threat to women's health. Here is the reason why: when women raise their arms to shampoo their hair,

the shampoo foams naturally drops down along  with their arms, and gets absorbed into their arm pits. 

From that point, it gets  absorbed into the lymph nodes easily and alter the estrogen hormone in women. This 

can cause the breast cancer in many women. This is why it is very important to use the shampoos and body 

shampoos that do not have all the petro-chemical preservatives and additives. Women seeking desperately 

for hair loss cure or atleast hair growth products.

We recommend women to use the conditioner along with the shampoo, since the conditioner will detangle the 

long hair, gives a beautiful shine, volume, and protect the hair from the heat.

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