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PEPTASTEM® Stem Cell Shampoo and Conditioner for Hair Loss ( Natural DHT Blocker Stem Cell Shampoo & Conditioner )

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PEPTASTEM® Shampoo and conditioner formulated with Citrustem Plant Stem Cell and Natural DHT Blocker for Hair Loss. (14 days money back guarantee if it doesn't decrease your hair loss by 50% or more in 7 days!)

If hair loss is your concern, you need to stop using everything you are using on your hair. 99% of the hair products out there are loaded Silicones and harmful chemical preservatives to prolong its shelf life. What's more surprising is that the fragrance in the shampoos are loaded with Parabens, Pthalates, and Formedehyde (all the strong Carcinogens). Because the label law protects companies from not disclosing the fragrance ingredient list, fragrance is the loophole of hiding all the toxins. Not only these Carcinogens are toxic, these chemicals are very harmful to your scalp and follicles, and will definitely worsen your hair loss condition. Just try this shampoo, you will have a beautiful natural healthy hair that shines and grows like weeds.

Sulfate-Free Shampoo and Conditioner (8.4 oz each): Made with real 100% Organic Aloe Vera juice (NOT water as the base), to promote the healthier and thicker growth of hair and tightening scalp pores. As studies have shown washing hair with Aloe Vera juice works great in tightening skin and scalp pores. Because It is not a water base product, just a little amount lathers so much when worked on a completely wet hair. ( Organic Aloe vera juice is very important in hair health, since NON organic Aloe Vera juice is loaded with pesticides.)

This one and only unique plant stem cell activated organic hair loss shampoo not only gives an amazingly brilliant glass shine to the dull and lifeless looking hair, but it will also stop hair loss in just few washes!

Just use it everyday for 1 week, you will start to see a huge difference in hair fall (It's the best shampoo for hair fall!). More over, if used regularly, it will promote the thick, glossy and healthy new growth of hair. This is a truly a great hair loss treatment shampoo to help with hair regrowth because it is packed with vital hair nutritions such as Biotin, Peptides and B vitamins, and blended with pestcide free organic aloe vera juice.

Just imagine having a serious amount of nutrition directly applied everyday into your weakened scalp for re-growth of healthy hair follicles! Newly added 100% natural and pure essential oils ( Sage, Mint and Lavender) are not only working amzingly as Natural DHT blockers, but it will also turn your hair naturally oil free.  Even you skip a day, it will make your hair feeling so fresh without any grease residues. Along with natural caffeine, and seaweed extract, the plant stem cell (Valencia Orange Stem Cell "CITRUSTEM"), Biotin, and Peptides are blended by our unique technology to activate and stimulate the scalp cell to promote ultimately healthy re-growth of hair. This is a truly the best shampoo for hair loss, hair growth, and thinning hair.

This stem cell shampoo for thinning hair, lathers so much, unlike the most of sulfate free shampoos that does not lather well. 

  • It can help decrease the hair-loss up to 50% with 1st use, and up to 80% if you use them 10 days in a row. ( Results may vary depending on your hair condition)
  • This is one of the few hair products which is made with the Aloe Vera juice replacing water as the base.
  • No petrochemical preservatives, Color, or Alcohol added. All natural base, infused with orange stem cell.


1. Wash your hair with Aloe Vera Juice instead of water to tighten the scalp pores. ( All of our products are made with Aloe Vera Juice replacing water.)

2. Use the shampoo WITHOUT  the following petroleum-derived preservatives: Phenoxyethanol, Propylene Glycol, Paraben. ( They make the hair follicles weak.)

3. Use Sulfate Free shampoo. ( Our shampoo is Sulfate Free, yet it lathers extremely well.)

4. Use Stem Cell enriched shampoo for the ultimate nutrition for hair. ( All of our hair products are enriched with PEPTASTEM® .)

STEMBOTANY hair products are made without water, alcohol, petroleum-derived preservatives, parabens and sulfates. Instead, they are formulated with natural preservatives derived from corn and salt. Formulating shampoo without sulfates is not commonplace, as sulfates allow shampoos to create a nice lather. But, STEMBOTANY shampoo lathers extremely well even without sulfates. (We use C14-16 Olefin Sulfonate, which is used by $350 prescriptive acne cleanser recommended by Dermatologists for pore tightening.)

They will also give your hair a healthy, glossy shine since it gets pampered with natural, healthy ingredients along with PEPTIDES and STEM CELL cultures. When the shampoo and conditioner are used together, you will see a noticeable difference in the amount of hair fallout.


1. Brush your hair well touching the scalp with a brush before washing hair for better absorption of Stem Cell culture.

2. Wet your hair completely with water and vigorously work to lather with a nickel size amount of shampoo.

2. Leave the hair foamy hair for about 1 minute while gently massging with fingers, before rinsing with water. (Repeat X2)

3. Try not to have the conditioner stay on the scalp, but only on the hair surface.(Any hair conditioners always may clog pores)

Must wash at least 4 times a week with this product in order for this shampoo to work to prevent the hair-loss.

SIZE: 8.4 oz / 250 mL (shampoo and conditioner comes in a gift box.)

  PEPTASTEM® Shampoo 



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Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Sodium C14-16 Olefin Sulfonate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, Glycerin, Caffeine, Niacin, Biotin, PEPTASTEM® [Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Orange) Callus Culture Extract, Centella Asiatica (Gotu Kola) Extract, Tripeptide-5, Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7, Acetyl Hexapeptide-8, sh-Oligopeptide-1, Allantoin], Palmitoyl Tripeptide-38, Fucus Vesiculosus (Seaweed) Extract, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Citrus Paradisi (Grapefruit) Oil, Brassicamidopropyl Dimethylamine, Ethoxydiglycol, Caprylyl Glycol, Xanthan Gum, Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride, Lactic Acid Extract, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Tetrasodium Glutamate Diacetate.

  PEPTASTEM® Conditioner 


Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Cetyl Alcohol, Glyceryl Monostearate, Propoxytetramethyl Piperidinyl Dimethicone, C11-15 Pareth-7, Trideceth-6, Glycerin, Cetrimonium Chloride, Distearyldimonium Chloride, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, PEPTASTEM® [Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Orange) Callus Culture Extract, Acetyl Hexapeptide-8, Tri-Peptide-5, Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7, sh-Oligopeptide-1(EGF)], Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Tocopheryl (Vitamin E) Acetate, Ethoxydiglycol, Biotin (Vitamin H), Panthenol (Vitamin B5), Citrus Paradisi (Grapefruit) Oil, Xanthan Gum, Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride, Fragrance (our blend of fragrance oils), Lactic Acid, Caprylhydroxamic Acid, Caprylyl Glycol.



21 Reviews

  • 5
    Thanks to STEMBOTANY

    Published by Misun Ahn on Jul 15th 2023

    I am grateful that my hair is no longer falling out. I bought several and gave them as gifts to my family and friends. They thanks to me and the products.

  • 4
    Only used it two times but liked the result so far. Just not sure if it really cleans all my hair

    Published by Unknown on Feb 28th 2023

    Easy to use

  • 5
    Absolutely wonderful.

    Published by Cayce C. on Jul 18th 2022

    Stopped my heavy hair loss in 1 week! Now the hair fall is a few stands.

  • 5
    Absolutely wonderful.

    Published by Cayce C. on Jul 18th 2022

    Stopped my heavy hair loss in 1 week! Now the hair fall is a few stands.

  • 5
    New formula much much better.

    Published by Mathis, Alison on Jul 16th 2022

    After 1week of using these shampoo and conditioner... I've ordered this in the past and absolutely loved it. I didn't order a second set and ending up using another brand my hair became brittle and very dry and losing so much hair. I came back for these again, and noticed that the smell is different and not as thick as before. Nevertheless, right away my hair started to shine again and had less hair fall. I weeks later, boy! My hair loss decreased about 80 %!! I like the new formula much much better.

  • 5
    My hair looks thicker!

    Published by Cindy Alatorre on May 14th 2022

    I've used this product for 3 months and my hair looks and feels thicker. It may be a little pricy for the small bottle, but it's worth it to me

  • 5
    Excellent product.

    Published by Victor Vazwuez on Jul 17th 2021

    Excellent product

  • 3
    Shampoo and Conditioner Set

    Published by Beth Hale on Mar 22nd 2021

    This is not cheap shampoo, but I purchased hoping it would help hair loss issues. I would give it a much higher rating if it hadn’t been a gelatinous goo of which half went down the drain as it slipped out of my hands before I could get it to lather. I probably lost $10 down the shower drain. I can’t buy again, because I can’t afford to spend the premium ost and lose it like this. It was a waste.

  • 5
    Feels very natural and organic.

    Published by Nicole Fisher on Sep 4th 2020

    Finally the product I was looking for. My hair felt so clean and refreshing. It felt very naturally cleansed versus the usual chemical feeling you get after using regular shampoo. The smell is just right and not too overpowering. I am definitely ordering again.

  • 5
    Well worth every penny spent.

    Published by D. Becker on Sep 3rd 2020

    I was skeptical when I first saw this product. However, I was pleasantly surprised with the results!! Just like everyone else, I am a mess without my hairdresser. I use both the shampoo and conditioner and have seen that all split ends have been repaired. I also notice a thickening and more volume to my hair. I have not seen a considerable amount of growth BUT I am in need of a trim. Excellent product. I referred it my 84 year old mother. She too has seen repair and has also seen a thickening AND new growth. Well worth every penny spent.

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