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Copper Peptide for Hair Starter Set

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The hair serum industry offers popular treatments such as Copper Peptide Hair Serum and Catalase Hair Serum, typically sold separately for promoting hair growth and addressing gray hair, respectively. However, an all-in-one GHK-cu Scalp Hair Growth Serum has been developed to combat both hair loss and gray hair. Initially exclusive to upscale hair clinics as part of $3500 MTS 10 hair treatment sessions with our 100ml GHK-cu serum. You can now do this at home with this simple Hair Loss Treatment Starter Set.


This serum, the only Melatonin hair serum formulated with GHK-cu, ensures professional results. When used with the MARPE machine, it can enhance results up to 200%. Even when used with our GHK-cu shampoo alone, it still guarantees 100% results. It's crucial not to use this serum with any other brand's shampoo, conditioner, or hair treatments. Additionally, it's excellent for promoting forehead hair growth.

What's in This Starter Set?: 

1. a 60ml GHK-cu shampoo

2. a reusable MTS bottle 

3. a 30ml Absolute GROW serum

**Click here to see the full size gift set

DIRECTIONS: Watch the Video>>>>>>>

Shampoo as usual and towel dry hair. (Rinse twice more than usual to ensure no residues are left behind. The more you rinse, the fresher your hair will feel even if you skip a wash the next day.)

Shake well before use: Apply drop by drop, 1 to 1.5ml in total, to areas needing attention 4 times a week every other days, and do MTS needling the other 3 days.

Tap the area with fingertips for quick absorption after applying each drop to the scalp.


Microneedling Bottle: Sanitize the needle cap >> Fill the bottle with serum to Level 1 or 2 >> Gently press on needy areas >> DO NOT wash off.

IMPORTANT: MUST sanitize needles with rubbing alcohol before use. Pour alcohol in the stamp cap, soak the stamp for over 30 seconds. Gently press on a towel to remove excess alcohol from the needles.

IMPORTANT: Our GHK-Cu Shampoo needs plenty of water to create a rich lather. Ensure your hair is completely soaked before massaging with shampoo. Use conditioner only if your hair is longer than your neck length. Rinse off completely to avoid residues on the scalp.


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